Sunday 7 September 2014

Rapperswil: Word Treasure, Lake Treasure

After Mt. Pilatus the previous day we stayed closer to home base in Zurich, with a trip to Rapperswil, down at the other end of Lake Zurich

Altstadt (Old Town) Rapperswil.  The letters spelt out "Wort Schatz" i.e. "Vocabulary", or literally "Word Treasure". They were part of a 'night of culture' festival in Rapperswil.  The kids loved climbing all over them :)
Running around inside Schloss Rapperswil
Inside the castle.  I assume this giant plastic thing is there to keep the rain out when it's used as a function centre.
Great views from outside the castle on an amazing day.
Looking out over the old town.  Sadly Lydia had to leave us at this point, it was good to catch up!
The lakefront, great place for a stroll
Pedestrian bridge. A common walk to do is over the bridge to the train station at Pfäffikon. It was hot, so we just walked part way out then came back to get the ferry.
Honestly not sure how this could get more idyllic.  The Rapperswil Seebad looked like a great place to hang out, I wished we'd come prepared to swim!
Rose gardens and grape vines near the castle
Did I say idyllic already?
The ferry back to Zurich was a great way to see the lake, and the weather was perfect.  It takes forever (2 hours I think) to go all the way back to Zurich so we got off at Horgen and caught the train the rest of the way.

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