Saturday 13 September 2014

Hohsaas and Kreuzboden: home of the world's most scenic playground

Another day another gondola ride, this time from just below our chalet to Hohsaas (3101 m) via Kreuzboden (2397 m) where there is a spectacular kids playground.

Looking back at Saas Grund.  The gondola departed from just below our chalet.

Spectacular view from Kreuzboden.  Left to right, flat-topped Aflphubel (4206 m), Täschhorn (4490 m), Dom (4545 m), Lenzspitze (4294 m), Nadelhorn (4327 m), Hoberghorn (4219 m).  "Dom" means Cathedral in German, you can see why.

This was a little racetrack with free bikes you could ride around.  Our kids were too short to reach the pedals but I pushed them around for a few laps.

This playground was amazing.  Really interesting play structure, a number of different areas, and a view of epic proportions.

Nailing it

Flying fox!

A water play area? At 2397 m? It was great the day we were there though.
We're only halfway!  Plenty more gondola to go...Pointy mountain centered in the background is the Fletschhorn (3993 m)

The top

Of course there's a restaurant at the top.  If you click on this photo for the large version you can see two mountaineering groups.  One crossing the Trift glacier, and one heading towards the Weissmeis (4023 m) summit.

With some time to spare in the afternoon we took the bus to the end of the road to see the Mattmark dam, which was a nice change of scenery and beautiful (for a dam!).  This is the closest we got to Italy: from here there is a day hike over the Monte Moro pass into Italy.  The pass was a historically important link between Switzerland and Italy.

Mattmarksee.  Lots of hiking trails around here.

Looking back down the valley towards Saas Grund.  Glacier and waterfalls on the left.

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