Sunday 29 January 2012

Big Sur, yes sir

After a trip to the Monterey Acquarium (the jellyfish were my favourite) we started the famous drive down Highway 1 to Big Sur.

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The coastline didn't disappoint, producing amazing views, and with a clear, warm, winters day the sunset was spectacular along the cliffs, prompting many photo opportunity stops.

We stayed at Big Sur lodge, which was great and pretty much deserted in winter, and had beers and burgers at a cute little pub. The next day was more spectacular coastline and hiking with E in the backpack.

Huge number of sea lions at the bottom of the cliff

McWay falls: waterfall onto a beach - awesome!

Pfeiffer Falls
Sunset on Pfeiffer beach
Sunset on Pfeiffer beach

Sunset through a hole in the rock on Pfeiffer beach: photographers were queued up to get the best shot

Sunday 1 January 2012

Your mission: paint

The mission in san francisco has some amazing street art. We spent an afternoon wandering around looking at it. Clarion alley has some of the best, and it is a good spot to see lots in one place. The downside is that it is a fairly dodgy area. Walking past the 16th and mission st. muni stop wasn't all that pleasant (we saw a guy holding a paper bag and counting a giant wad of cash amongst other things), and when we were in the alley a couple of people walked up and crouched in a corner to take their drugs...The valencia st. side is pretty nice compared to the mission st. side though, amazing the difference a block makes.

Afterwards we had lunch at a peruvian place on Valencia and hit up the world famous Tartine bakery for some pastry treats.