Monday 22 September 2014

Creux-du-Van: a navigation disaster

With our final countryside day I really wanted to see the Creux-du-Van, which we were calling "the hole in the ground".  It's a huge amphitheatre-shaped circle of rock.

Unfortunately we had a terrible time getting there, which made it a stressful trip and not much fun.  I'll spare you the full horror story (see my review on maps if you want it), but basically Google maps took us a way that probably should have worked except at one point the road was blocked and only available to bikes.  We took a really long way round to fix that, only to find the road blocked again due to a car crash, necessitating taking an even longer way round.  This turned a one hour drive into more than three :(

We did eventually make it and the views were impressive. The cliff face is just a short muddy walk through a cow paddock (not really a path to speak of) from the cute little restaurant.  There's a stone wall to stop the livestock falling off the cliff, but to see the view you need to be on the other side where there is no barrier, which made us nervous with the two young kids in tow.


To top it all off, the weather was cold, wet, and windy, which made us all fairly miserable.  We abandoned ship, and drove home.

More really pretty vineyards on the way home was a nice bonus.  I think these were actually more beautiful than Lavaux, and certainly far less people around.

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