Sunday 21 September 2014

French-speaking countryside, Montreux, Lavaux vineyards

After the epic Jungfrau trip and dinner in Grindelwald we drove 2 hours to a tiny little rural village called Peney le Jorat, somewhat near Lausanne and Lake Geneva in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.  After winding our way through small roads in the countryside in the dark I was starting to doubt my idea of ditching the cities for an airbnb place in the middle of nowhere, but once we finally arrived around 10pm, I knew it was going to be great.

The owners had a son around the same age as our kids, which meant all sorts of luxuries, like heaps of age-appropriate toys, some new books to read, a sandpit, kids shampoo, and stairs protected by stair gates! It's amazing what gets me excited about accommodation these days..The only downside was that the kids were so excited by the toys that it was really hard to get them to sleep.


The other great thing, which wasn't apparent until the next morning, was that the area was amazingly pretty.

Rolling hills of the dairy farm (the village fromagerie was literally over the fence) from our front door.
View from the bathroom
Taking a stroll around the neighbourhood.  The kids loved checking out the cows, goats, sheep and chickens.
Double rainbow!

The first day we stocked up on food and basically had a rest day, strolling around the local area and letting the kids play in some parks. The next day we drove to Montreux, mostly to see the legendary castle on the lake.

Chillon Castle

Seeing the castle was interesting, but also very very long with two little kids that needed to be carried up all the stairs.  There are 40+ different areas to see, so budget a few hours.
Afterwards we drove through the very unimpressive Montreux old town (didn't even take a picture) then headed into the Lavaux vineyards, which march in lines spectacularly into Lake Geneva.  Sadly kids killed our wine tasting aspirations.
And when we got home, the view from our front door had gotten even better. 

Now with cows!

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