Monday 25 May 2009

Gig: The Presets, Van She @ AIS Arena

I was so disappointed Architecture in Helsinki weren't supporting the Presets - I would have been more interested in seeing them! The move of venue from the ANU to AIS was a shame because the AIS is fairly large, impersonal, and has the worst bar setup of any concert venue in the city. On the plus side, the presets could bring a massive light show that just couldn't have fit into ANU. The lights started out fairly simple and it was only towards the end that the full capabilities were revealed - awesome!

I was skeptical about how good this show would be since they have been touring the album forever. It turned out to be a pretty good gig, although I would have been much more excited if it had been six months earlier. The masses of 12 year olds didn't help the atmosphere, and it was kind of weird watching them all get picked up by their parents afterwards.

3 stars.

Saturday 2 May 2009

Gig: Sneaky Sound System @ UC

Sneaky rocked out at the UC refectory. They played a great set, with some awesome covers: the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams and Daft Punk's Around the World. And now for a quick whinge: The most annoying thing about this gig was that it was all-ages, so they fenced off a tiny bar area that only has cans, so it's like being at a festival: VB and UDLs :(

4 stars.