Thursday 13 December 2012

Gig: Passenger with Kate Earl @ Slim's

Another rdio pick-up, this one worked out quite differently to last time. Mike (aka Passenger) was hilarious, we came for the music but he would do pretty well as a stand-up comic with the back-stories he told for his songs. Including one where he thought he'd got himself into a Wolf Creek situation before playing at the Woodford Folk Festival in Australia with a guy who looked like John Jarratt and collected bullets...

He'd had a rough day: he'd performed at a Christmas party for a startup at a restaurant in the city, where someone from the party walked up to the sound guy, right beside Mike, and told him to turn the music down because it was 'horrendous'. So I think he was pretty happy to see a crowd of people who had paid to hear him play.

I was slightly disappointed that he didn't have the band with him, he was on his own, but he carried it off really well. I've never been in a bar like this with a crowd of a couple-hundred people where they were as quiet as a theatre audience during songs - not a single person talked during a song, probably due to this.

We bought dinner tickets, which worked out really well. Sitting up on the balcony was perfect for em, who was far enough along with the pregnancy that standing up for a few hours wasn't possible. Dinner was fairly basic, but nice.

Kate Earl was also pretty decent. If you're wondering about the music watch this clip. Someone recorded a bunch of the songs and put them on youtube here.