Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Found: 1 frisbee

Back in November, in a somewhat anal primary-school-parent moment, I put my name and phone number on my brand new ultimate frisbee. I then had the displeasure of watching it drift beautifully into the frisbee-shaped slot of a storm water drain down near the lake after an unfortunate throw.

Yesterday I got a phone call:
This is going to sound weird, but I have your frisbee....

A woman kayaking in the lake came across it floating in the water some two months after I first lost it! I met her and recovered a disc that, apart from being a bit dirty, is still in good nick.

Some of the guys at work have decided they are going to start throwing things in the lake with their phone number on them as a way to meet girls...

I bought a surfboard!

I finally got around to buying a board. It is a 7'7" epoxy board, from the local Broulee surfshop. It is too big to fit in the car so I can only surf at beaches I can carry it to :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

DisKapital Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

I played in my first ultimate frisbee 'hat' tournament, DisKapital, on Jan 2-3. It was held at Downer playing fields, which were perfect (not too soft, not too hard) after the rain over Christmas. A hat tournament is one where teams are constructed randomly, ie. drawn out of a hat, with a bit of balancing to make sure one team doesn't end up with all the best players.

I had an awesome time, played zone defence for the first time, and hopefully improved my throwing and other skills. I produced some impressive blisters and was seriously sore after a full weekend of running around. Checkpoint Charlie (the theme was Berlin Wall) took out the title after narrowly (on a golden point) beating my team Achtung Baby in the final.

Great fun. Just wish I had taken some photos...