Sunday 21 October 2007

Turducken: symphony of meat

One of our friends told us about turduckens. Man this is the coolest idea for thanksgiving. You take a turkey, stuff it with a duck, and then stuff that with a chicken. Turkey + duck + chicken = turducken. Making one sounds like a lot of work, but maybe we will buy one!


Amelia said...

you are kidding me right? I checked out the website... that is so much meat! I especially liked the turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken with an additional sausage stuffing... only in America.

Wayward Rambler said...

How revolting! Why do it? The three meats taste different and, correct me if I'm wrong, they'll mask each other.


Unknown said...

They are awesome!! We had a Thanksgiving party last year and had one.

Kristen (ausball superstar) :) :)