Monday 29 October 2007

REI is awesome

Outdoors gear is so much cheaper here! I spent a ridiculous amount of time in a store called REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) that has every sort of outdoors gear you can think of without any of the hunting stuff. I even managed to convince Em she should get a climbing harness, since there were Black Diamond womens harnesses for $45 :)

I bought a small, super lightweight thermarest for hiking, 10 Black Diamond nuts (yes, non-climbers you can snigger now), daisy chain and other assorted stuff. I'm also going to get new rock boots, harness, and rope while I'm here - 60m dry core for $150, was almost $400 for the rope Al and I bought back home.

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Garth said...

Ok, now I'm getting jealous. Reckon you can fit a full extra trad rack in when you ship your stuff back home? ... :) Or maybe a silnylon camping tarp? Or a Hennesey Hammock? Or two 60m static ropes for canyoning? Or, or, or ...