Monday 22 October 2007

E. coli with your coffee?

Minimising wasted coffee cups is all well and good (see previous post), but I forgot about the worst part of that approach. There isn't anywhere to wash your mug, so you have to do it in the toilets. Gross. There are no kitchen break-out type areas because:

a. Everyone uses disposable coffee cups.
b. Practically no-one drinks tea; kettles pretty much don't exist, although we did manage to get one for home.
c. Microwaves are available in the cafeteria for heating food.


Wayward Rambler said...

Don't tell me that there are no tea ladies or tea rooms with easy chairs where (horror) people can 'socialise' or 'criticise' or 'conspire'!

Apologies. I meant socialize and criticize.


G said...

Huh! Tea ladies! You must be an academic...I'd settle for a sink. Yesterday the sink in the toilets was clogged with tuna where someone had washed out their lunchbowl. Nice.