Monday 22 October 2007

More coffee trauma, but I'm determined...

Today I took the plunge and walked up to Starbucks with my coffee mug.

Me: Hi, do you mind if I get my coffee in this mug?
Starbucks money girl: No. *tone implies "you're an idiot"*
Me: OK great.

I pay for the coffee, leave my mug on the counter, and walk over to the pick-up area. I then watch coffee mug sit on the counter as other people are served, and two people get their coffee before me. Grr... Walk over, pick up mug.

Me: Can I get my tall latte in this mug please?
Starbucks coffee girl: *Blank stare*
Starbucks coffee girl: *Takes mug off me*
Starbucks coffee girl: *Look implies "you're an idiot"*

So I got my coffee, and it wasn't TOO traumatic. Hopefully if I do this every day they will eventually join the dots and figure out what to do. The guys from the team were watching all this and found it pretty funny.


Garth said...

And the reason for this is? Are you trying to be green or is there some coffee-wankerism involved?

G said...

Yeah, I'm trying to avoid using 365 cups, lids, and cardboard insulators in the time I'm here. No wankerism!

Garth said...

Well good luck fighting the system! Pity about the e. coli thing ...