Tuesday 16 October 2007

A loose interpretation of cappuccino

At the corner store near visitors centre in Shenandoah:

me: I'll have a cappuccino please
girl: French vanilla or mocha?
me: *sinking feeling* Oh no, just plain?
girl: We don't have plain
me: riiiiight. How about vanilla then.

What I got didn't really resemble coffee in any way, more like "inspired by" coffee.

In keeping with the Halloween season, Starbucks has brought out the coffee crime known as Pumpkin Spice Latte. I'm going to try and get one at work tomorrow.


Amelia said...

Ewww... a pumpkin spiced latte... what are they thinking? I sympathise with your food experiences. I still don't know why their cheese has to be bright orange? Or why the yogurt only comes in fluro pink? And the bread... you might as well be eating a biscuit it is so sweet. Anyway, i could go on and on.

Love reading the blog, very funny! The thought of you camping with a bear rubbing up against the test while em is sound as sleep is hilarious.

Glad you are getting out there! All the best!

Meels (ie. Amelia)

Wayward Rambler said...

Looks like Emily has found a business opportunity: selling real coffee in a real coffee house!

In all my US travels I haven't come across an ordinary pavement cafe like we have here in abundance in Armidale. Perhaps Em could top the business off by renting pavement space and providing soft armschairs and a wide range of newspapers inside.

Voila: a cross between French, Vienese, British and Australian coffee houses.