Thursday 4 October 2007

I suck at parallel parking on the right hand side

We went and got our drivers licenses today at the Annapolis MVA. It all worked out pretty well, mainly because Em did all the planning and checking to make sure we had all the documents we needed. Amongst other things we had to sit a written test and do a short driving test.

I was sweating the last 6 questions of the written test as you needed 17/20 to pass and I already had three wrong! Should probably have memorised the 180 page Maryland road rules guide first...

Next came the driving test which is cruising around a little course they have set up in the carpark. I was super nervous, mainly because I didn't want to have to drive all the way back and wait another few hours in the MVA to do it again! I forgot to indicate my first turn - whoops. I also had about 7 goes at the reverse parallel park, my excuse is that its different on the right hand side, and I didn't have any time to practice :) They are much softer with that than we are, as long as you don't mount the kerb and complete it within 3 minutes you can do pretty much anything.

So I passed, and Em did much better than I did :( Only took about 4 hours and one trip. This is actually pretty reasonable compared to some horror stories from other Aussies.

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