Sunday 3 February 2008

Super-bowl of buffalo wings

Em and I watched the Superbowl at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore. They have this bar with a ridiculous number of TV screens - you can probably see at least 4 huge LCDs no matter which way you are facing, and they were all playing the Superbowl.

The game and the atmosphere were awesome. It was incredibly close, and the Giants pulled out a miracle touchdown to win in the final seconds. I felt a bit sorry for the New England quarterback Tom Brady since he was getting smashed by the Giants defence. The Patriots lost their chance at Superbowl history by making this their first and only loss of the season: 18 wins and 1 loss.

The bar was pretty much evenly divided between Patriots and Giants fans, but when the Giants made that final touchdown the whole bar erupted, with Giants fans smashing glasses and jumping up on the tables!

I had my first feed of buffalo wings....mmmmm spicy.

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