Sunday 10 February 2008

Our American toilet goes the "wrong" way!

This is a fairly weird thing to blog about, but we get asked about this a lot so I thought I would satisfy both American and Australian curiosities with a two-part series. Here is our (freshly cleaned) American toilet doing its thing, just water plus some toilet cleaner to make things easier to see :)

Things to note:

  • High water-level in the bowl, although our toilet water-level is actually lower than a lot of American toilets I have seen.
  • Side lever for flush instead of button(s). The lever pulls a chain inside the cistern, which releases the outlet plug.
  • No dual flush: I haven't seen one anywhere. Modern water-conserving American toilets would actually be illegal in Australia, see my next post!
  • Flushes the "wrong" way for the northern hemisphere. There is an urban myth that water drains counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, due to the Coriolis effect. This is false (as demonstrated by our toilet!), the rotation is due to the shape of the bowl and how water is sent into the bowl.

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