Tuesday 12 February 2008

Democrats, Obamicans, and Australians who can't vote, turn out for Obama

It's cold (about 19°F and windy), and I'm standing in a line that curls around 4 sides of the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore. The line is due to metal detectors and bag searches needed to keep presidential candidate Barack Obama safe. Thirteen thousand people pack the arena and when the man arrives about an hour and a half late the place explodes with clapping and cheering. The audience is made up of Democrats and Republicans who have changed teams for Obama: "Obamicans".

I didn't really mind which candidate I saw, I just wanted to experience an American-style political rally, but I'm glad I saw Obama. He is an excellent speaker, obviously, and stands a real chance of winning the Democratic nomination having just tonight carried the Potomac/Chesapeake/Beltway/Crabcake Primary (Maryland, DC, and Virginia).

I think someone should have some sort of clap-o-meter at these things. Seeing as MSNBC and CNN are trying to outdo each other with the most ridiculously expensive touch-screens and fancy election graphics I'm surprised they haven't done something like this already....Here's how I heard it:

  • End the multi-trillion dollar war in Iraq, and spend money fixing problems in the US: Yeah!!
  • Affordable health care and insurance for everyone: Yeah!!
  • More money for teachers and schools to make our children the best educated in the world: Yeah!!
  • Create an Environmental Protection Agency that actually cares about protecting the environment: ...the sound of two Australians clapping, 12,998 Americans shrugging their shoulders, and some particularly loud crickets...
  • Increase fuel efficiency standards, and end this country's dependence on foreign oil: ...two Australians clap, and I feel people looking at us....

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Garth said...

Wow, they don't get it, do they?

Would like to see Obama speak, heard he is pretty good. Gotta be better than the Ruddbot, who's got the heart and the mind but not quite the delivery.