Friday 30 November 2007

You know you're in a cold climate when

  • You own a serious-looking ice scraper/snow brush.
  • Your windscreen wiper fluid is replaced with this chemical stuff that melts ice instantly (cool!)
  • You have an emergency kit in the boot with blanket, kitty litter for traction on snow/ice, headtorch, reflective triangle, gloves, chemical handwarmers etc.
  • You have a lock de-icer spray.
  • There is a phone number you can call to find out if you have to go to work, OR (if you are lucky) pass go, collect $200 and go directly to the bar for a 'snow day'.

PS. The chemical handwarmers are awesome and were really handy at the Grand Canyon and in Utah. They cost about $2 for 10 and provide a good amount of warmth for 10-12 hours - amazing! I'm taking some with me next time I ski - no more cold hands on the chairlift :)

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