Friday 30 November 2007

A very grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is awesome. Really awesome. We did a few different walks but the coolest was the Bright Angel trail, which descends down into the canyon. The dust on the trail was an inescapable fine talcum powder produced in different colours depending on which geological rock layer you were in.

I waved goodbye to Em a couple of miles in and charged down a total of 3060 ft (930 m) to Indian Garden, the campground at the end of the first day's hike of the trek from south to north rim. It was a beautiful campground, and 10 degrees warmer than on the south rim. Plenty of deer and elk wandering around.

The scale of the cliffs just blows you away. We great sunsets and moonrises with a beautiful almost full moon.

This was my second trip, but I still plan to come back and hike rim-to-rim either on the bright angel or kaibab trails. I'd also like to explore the north rim a bit too, since it is wilder than the south. Oh and I want to raft at least part of the river as well :)

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