Monday 5 November 2007

Time to open an export business

I've already blogged about how cheap outdoors gear is here, but it gets better. The other day I got a pair of adidas footy boots for $30, they probably would have been about $150-200 at home. You also can't buy any type of jeans (even fancy trendy ones) for more than $30, whereas at home you can't buy respectable jeans for less than about $80, and probably more like $100-120.

I find this pretty strange. Why do we pay so much for things like jeans, particularly Levis? This site has some ideas which are basically that Levis are sold as fashion items in Europe and Asia, whereas in America they are a commonplace commodity item. Also, once you have paid $30 it would be hard to justify forking out four times that amount, so for Levis to attempt that in the states would be suicide.

Time to open an export business.

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Wayward Rambler said...

Thanks for the advice, Greg.

When we visit, I'll arrive bare-foot, without my strides, and carrying an empty suitcase. My wardrobe needs a makeover.

I suppose it's OK to be without one's strides in the US. I seem to remember "an eminent person" doing it in Memphis.