Tuesday 13 November 2007

Ausball = AFL for americans and expats

We had our last Ausball game of the season today. It is a really fun modification of AFL, the main differences are:

  • Tiny field by AFL standards so only 9 a side (5 guys 4 girls)
  • A girl has to touch the ball in the forward half before you can score a goal
  • No bouncing, but you can only run with the ball for 3 seconds
  • No tackling, once you are tagged you have to get rid of the ball

If we had it at home I would play it as a social sport. The league, and post-game drinking scene, here are pretty small compared to the giant that is "kickball". Kickball is an excuse to go to the bar thinly disguised as a sport. It is pretty much baseball but instead of using a bat, you kick a big red ball. We're probably going to give that a crack next season too!


Unknown said...

since em and i are now facebook friends, i was reading your blogs.

hilarious- i believe you captured the essence of kickball quite well!

Grace said...

Heya, good to hear you guys are settling well into your new life! Keep up the bloggy thoughts :) What are the links for Em's blog and your flickr pics?? Ed doesn't know and I'm dying to see more pics!