Sunday 9 September 2007

A small american car - oxymoron?

The most pressing thing for us was to get a car. On Friday we bought a Chevy Aveo, which is the smallest car we looked at. We had a number of people (including Americans) advise us against American cars, but in our price range that was pretty much all that was available.

Cars are generally cheaper over here, but to get something we wouldn't have to spend all year fixing meant we had to spend at least $US 8-9k. We went through Enterprise Car Sales because they are haggle free and give you a 1 year warranty, which is perfect for us (although it doesn't cover absolutely everything). They sell ex-rental cars, which sounds scary but has benefits too like regular servicing, low miles etc. We went to one regular dealer, which was just as slimy an experience as at home.

The haggle-free thing is really cool, wish we had that at home, we spent a lot of time looking at carmax as well.

Here is the Kelly Blue Book for the Aveo. Photos to follow soon!

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Wayward Rambler said...


Sounds a bit like the car I hired in Spokane. It was a basic GM model, but I forget which. It went OK and had 4 wheels, a steering wheel, and some seats. Isn't that all you want?