Sunday 2 September 2007

Mobile phones

Phones are actually pretty expensive here, despite everyone being totally addicted to them (or perhaps because of it..) The worst thing is you pay to RECEIVE calls, as well as to make them. Not only that, on the T-mobile prepaid plans it is 15c to send a text, and 15c to RECEIVE one! Gaah! If we send a text between us that is effectively 30c :(

AT&T prepaid has a deal where you get unlimited free calls to other AT&T phones, which sounds really good until you find out that each day you use the phone (including to receive a call or check voicemail) you are charged a $1 access fee. So a call between us would cost $2 plus the call cost :(


gavz said...

Tight arse, think of the TA ;)

Al said...

lol. Hate to say it, but well said Gav lol.

Wayward Rambler said...

Hi Greg,

I loved your comments on the mobile phone. Perhaps that's why I've always had my trusty OZ phone on hand. I don't seem to be charged access fees!

I admire the innovative ways of large companies to levy fees on the unwary - it's the same with bank charges. I suggest you invest in ATT or bank shares!


Adam & Rachel said...

Phones are pretty expensive here. If you want two cell phones you're looking at $60 per month plus the cost of the phone. Maybe $40 per month for one cell phone.

If you have good internet access you might think of getting a Skype phone ( You can get something like the Skype Pro plan where you get a local number for $70 a year. Then you pick up a wifi phone ($100+) and you can use it anywhere with free wifi - even to receive landline calls. You'd probably also want to get a prepaid cell phone and keep it in the car in case you got stuck somewhere.

Anyway, something to think about. The one time charge definitely beats paying a cell phone company monthly. When my cell phone contract expires, I'm planning on switching.

G said...

What TA? We're making less over here than we do at home...

I think we spent about $70 in the first month on pre-paid for not very many calls. We're paying $60 a month now for 2 phones and plenty of minutes which is a pretty good deal. We're just forgoing the home phone.