Sunday 9 September 2007

GPS - Where would I be without you?

We have a GPS with our hire car and it is awesome. It even has a receiver for a traffic monitoring service, that warns you if there is traffic ahead and can also route you around the problem. Unfortunately this sounds better than it is - it didn't tell us about slow traffic in Baltimore when it was there, and warned us when things were fine...

We will definitely be getting a GPS for our new car.

I'm trying decide between the Garmin Streetpilot c550 we have in the hire car and the Tomtom 720 which has the FM transmitter (plays MP3s from SD card) and Map Share community map functionality that allows the community to correct map errors and holes.

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Wayward Rambler said...


Makes me slightly envious. Only slightly, because I know my way around most OZ cities. Still, it could be brilliant in Baltimore because you probably wouldn't know the layout of the place.