Thursday 27 September 2007

Baseball = peanuts, $6 beers, and trying not to get smacked in the head with a ball

We went and saw the Orioles play the Blue Jays last night - we walked past Babe Ruth's house(!) to the Camden Yards stadium. Poor old Orioles are doing pretty badly this season, so the stadium wasn't exactly full. Was still heaps of fun, as this was our first taste of major league baseball.

I ate my bodyweight in peanuts that I shelled myself. This would have been fine except we were sitting in the wrong seats for the first 45 minutes and when the right people turned up they had to sit in a gigantic pile of peanut shells distributed all around my seat - whoops!

There is quite an incentive to pay close attention to the game. The net behind the batter is pretty small and foul balls flew into the crowd at great speeds, making meaty smacking sounds when they hit spectators....

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