Saturday 2 August 2014

Creepy art, semi-naked dudes and yarn bombs: A South First Friday in San Jose

We went to check out a South First Friday in San Jose, it's an artwalk and street market, it was pretty fun.

We saw a bunch of interesting and downright creepy artwork, which I mostly liked and Em hated, but one performance art piece called The Operature was a stand out, and not in a good way.  The official teaser was:
Come experience The Operature, a live performance and augmented reality poem engaging themes of forensics, anatomical science, and spectacle. Participants can further explore the material and discover virtual layers of text and imagery through use of a special smartphone application. The Chicago Tribune describes the performance as “an ingenious curio cabinet of carefully selected language, props and movement”.
Or, if you like, come watch dudes in jock straps lock themselves into wooden stocks while you look at them through an ipad with a poem laid over the top.  Kudos to the actors for convincing people to pay them to do this though.

The Operature
Neighbourhood yarn bombing
There was some good live music.  These guys weren't in that category, but the hair was worth a photo.
Custom poems!  And more than one stall...
My favourite from the "A Human Race" exhibit by Zero Cents.  This is more subtly creepy than most of the exhibit, which would make a great set for Hannibal Lecter's kill room.

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