Saturday 23 August 2014

Tara Donovan exhibit in Menlo Park

The bizarrely-situated temporary Pace Gallery in Menlo Park was superbly described by Christian Frock in sfgate:
Discovering a blue-chip gallery in a former car dealership on El Camino Real is like seeing a unicorn in a strip mall; suddenly everyday life is bizarrely punctuated with otherworldly glamour.
In this case the otherworldy glamour was a Tara Donovan exhibition.  Donovan is an artist who is known for her large installations built from every day materials like toothpicks, pins, and paper plates.  While that may sound like a primary-school art project, it most certainly is not.  The works are impressive and intriguing.

Thousands of pieces of shiny wrapping paper grouped into balls

A cube of toothpicks, there's a base in the middle but probably more than half the volume is just toothpicks

Plastic straws!

Metal rings, similar to what tea-light candles sit inside

Pencil topography, close-up

Pencil topography, close-up


Pins by their thousands.  They are set at slightly different heights in the densest sections to catch and reflect the light.

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