Thursday 17 May 2012

Sevilla: Too f***king hot

We went to Seville in the middle of some unusually hot weather - the average for May was 26°C but we had forecast temperatures of 36°C, 38°C, and 36°C.  To be honest, it pretty much ruined our enjoyment of the city.  It was barely cool enough to go outside even in the evening, on the hottest day it was still about 37°C at 9pm. But we struggled on anyway. E was surprisingly OK with the heat and we made sure she was well hydrated, sunscreened, and shaded as much as possible.

So, what to see? Surprisingly there is an Alcázar and a Catedral. But first, some drinks.

View of the Cathedral from a terrace bar in Hotel doña Maria

Tomb of Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) inside the Cathedral - some debate as to whether all of him ended up in here... 
Alcazar - Seville's answer to the Alhambra.  Not quite as grand, but still very beautiful

I jumped in this fountain at Plaza de España with a bunch of other tourists to cool off
This is at 4pm, we saw this sign display 40°C one day.

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