Friday 25 May 2012


Barcelona is a fantastic city, and now places amongst my favourite cities in the world.  Really interesting architecture, great beaches, heaps of bars and restaurants, cool vibe.  The only downside is the ridiculous number of tourists - the only other place I've seen such huge numbers of tourists in one place is in Times Square.  Barcelona has at least five places that were jam packed with tourists on the random weekdays we were there: Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, the beaches, Park Güell, and Montserrat.

Montserrat: "I totally saw Mary here, lets build a monastery into a giant cliff"

Montserrat basilica: impressive, even for atheists who are sick of churches
Sunset from the terrace of our Barcelona apartment
Sagrada Família: a masterpiece still under construction.  Thank you Mr. Gaudi for building a cathedral that doesn't look like every other one on the planet.

Amazing use of light and tree-like columns by Gaudi

Spiral staircase 10? stories high that was a little intimidating, even for  someone used to hanging from cliffs.  There is a handrail on the left and a drop on the right to the bottom, which is kind of like walking on the edge of one of those seemingly infinite holes in the death star.
Gaudi's La Pedrera 
Chimneys on top of La Pedrera 

Series of outdoor escalators to get to Park Güell from  the Vallcarca metro stop.  I'd definitely recommend going this way up the hill.  It reminded me of the hike up to Coit Tower in San Francisco.
Gaudi's Park Güell gatehouses

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