Monday 14 April 2008

Stormtroopers Garrisoned in Philly

Philly is cool. It had a good vibe, nice bars and restaurants. We went and saw the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It was pretty sweet - lots of stuff from both new and old movies, and an entire stormtrooper garrison were wandering around, you can see them on the steps in the photo (see flickr for better photos). The guys who do this pay about $1200 for full stormtrooper outfits.

My favourite was the stormtrooper who was pretending to be a statue inside the exhibit who would wait for people to get accustomed to him then suddenly move, and freak out adults and kids alike. It was also pretty funny seeing a random stormtrooper here and there in the parks near the museum just walking around or sitting on the edge of a fountain.

Other notable bits:

  • The Mutter Museum. A fairly nauseating but fascinating medical museum featuring many different skulls of murder victims, deformed foetuses, and dried corpses. I thought the case with hammer/anvil/stirrup ear bones from lots of species (including human) was amazing.
  • Liberty bell - big crack, no ringing.
  • Reading Terminal Market (sadly no Obama or Hillary present, they have been hanging out there drumming up support for the Pennsylvania primary)
  • Independence hall. Our tour guide seriously hated the National Treasure movie with Nicholas Cage, which is party set at independence hall. I got the feeling her job changed from answering questions about the declaration of independence to answering questions about which brick Nic Cage pulled out of the wall in the movie...

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