Thursday 3 April 2008

Dirty, gritty, corrupt, violent, depressing, sometimes unintelligible and amazingly good

Is how I see HBO's The Wire. It is a super-realistic, gritty cop drama set in Baltimore written by David Simon and Edward Burns. Simon is a former Baltimore Sun reporter who spent a year embedded with a Baltimore City Homicide unit, which inspired both The Wire and Homicide: Life on the Street. Between the two, The Wire is soooo much better.

In fact, The Wire is so good it has become my all-time favourite TV show of any genre. And I've only watched 8 episodes.

There are so many good quotes from the show, but unfortunately none fit to repeat here (hi Mum and Dad). Most of the story is set in West Baltimore, but is actually filmed in East Baltimore because "entire blocks of abandoned buildings make for a quieter set". "The towers" no longer exist, but the "low rises" are the McCulloh Homes public housing blocks.

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