Thursday 10 April 2008

Deep fried hamburger, and worlds largest hamburger

I've just been watching this show called Deep Fried Paradise - this country is awesome. I found out you can get a hamburger from Dyers in Memphis that has been deep fried in grease they haven't changed since 1912. I'm also seriously disappointed that we didn't go to the home of the largest hamburgers in the world in Clearfield PA when we stayed there for Groundhog Day! You can get 2 ($15.95), 3 ($21.95), 6 ($35.95), 15 ($49.95), and 50+ ($179.95) pound burgers - that's 0.9 kg to 23 kg!

1 comment:

Wayward Rambler said...

Greg, I'm revolted! Are you serious? All of those hamburgers appear to be serious health hazards.