Sunday 7 December 2014

Thanksmas: Bodega Bay the week after thanksgiving

We wanted a repeat of Thanksgiving from 2012, where we hired a house with some friends and ate and drank too much.  This time we would have three additional kids between us!  But everything was booked for the thanksgiving weekend.  Since none of us had family in the US we just moved it to the week after, when everything was much cheaper :)

This time we chose Bodega Bay, which is a popular beach spot in summer, but not that busy in winter.  It's also where The Birds was filmed.

The rain, my cold, and coordinating the schedules of two babies and two toddlers meant we didn't leave the house much, but we were prepared for this and had a great time anyway.  My plan to ride up highway 1 on a less busy weekday was scuttled due to weather and sickness :( But we got to a beach and ate oysters at Fisherman's Cove.

View from our impressive rental - the pyramid house.  Note to self, never build a house in the shape of a pyramid, it's a terrible idea, lots of strange spaces and windows you can't find coverings for...

Wrights beach.  I believe the sign, the water looked really dangerous.

People testing their burning man art installation of sunlight-reflecting mirrors on Wrights beach.
View from Highway 1.  This is the section where you can see some condemned houses that are about to fall into the sea.
View from the house at dawn (thanks kids).

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