Sunday 14 December 2014

Mortified: Read your high-school diary to a room full of strangers

We went to see Mortified at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. It's an amazing stage show where real people from the bay area read out their real high-school diaries on stage.  It's hilarious, tragic, pathetic, and beautiful all at the same time. And unlike high-school, the whole audience of 600 people is on your side and has your back.  Here's a taste from the documentary they made about the phenomenon:

After each reading there's a hiphop band called The Freeze that does musical improv based on the diary performance. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

After seeing it live, I went and watched the documentary. They get people coming to them with boxes and boxes of material, and the producers of the show help them sort through it and find the pieces that are funny to strangers, something that is not always obvious to the person who wrote it. Once they have pared it down they coach them on their delivery, and it goes into the show.

There are currently shows based in Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, LA, NYC, Portland, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Malmo Sweden. Go see it!

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