Saturday 20 November 2010

Chicha is an acquired taste: Ecuadorian amazon jungle

Watching one of the goriest movies ever made, hungover, on a bus that alternated between nauseating breakneck speed around corners and stopping every 100m for 6 hours or so was not the most enjoyable travel I did in South America.  However, we finally made it to Tena, jumped in a ute, and were shortly in a village in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The next four days were pretty fun:

  • Sweating it up on walks through the mud and mosquitos in the jungle
  • Seeing a cave full of creepy scorpion-like spiders and bats
  • Killing gigantor cockroaches that climbed out of the toilet in our room
  • Hanging out in the village, visiting the school, playing with the kids
  • Eating and drinking all sorts of local food, including disgusting chicha made from Yucca (like a potato)
  • Floating down a tributary of the Amazon in an inner tube
  • Visiting a wildlife sanctuary that rescues animals from all sorts of bizarre situations (like anacondas from hotel rooms).

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