Thursday 14 October 2010

Julia needs a new BBQ: The Lodge open day

We went and checked out The Lodge on the weekend, home of our new PM.  At the time she had spent all of four days living there (she didn't move in until after the election).

The house is surprisingly small and fairly unimpressive for the PM's residence.  There are plenty of nicer houses around Yarralumla that are owned by people with piles of cash who aren't the Prime Minister.  I can totally see why Howard opted for Kirribilli.

If you're reading Jules, I suggest getting rid of those horribly ugly floral print couches, they have Janette writen all over them, and get a new BBQ, the one you have got is rusty and worse than ours.  Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos inside, but here is the BBQ.

The Lodge is in need of being replaced with something better.  If I was PM I'd be embarrassed entertaining important guests there, but it will take a brave PM who is willing to wear the political flak of building a fancy new house for themselves.  It will be a bit like spending a billion dollars on new parliament house, something no taxpayer wants you to do...

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