Saturday 16 October 2010

Deadly taxis, soccer fans break windows on buses: Buenos Aires is a cool city

First stop in our South America adventure was Buenos Aires, the 'Paris of South America' - loved it.
  • Our cab driver opened his door while doing 150 km/h to check if the wheel was going to fall off because the car was shaking so violently.  We also had the pleasure of driving down what is arguably the widest avenue in the world (18 lanes).
  • Visited Recoleta Cemetery, an exclusive place to be buried and the final resting place of Eva PerĂ³n.  It is chock full of mausoleums that range from amazing monuments like mini churches with multiple levels, stained glass and statues, to decrepit tombs with coffins exposed to the elements.  Wicked place to set a vampire movie.
  • Drank mate: not a fan.  Tasted like someone made tea out of lawn clippings.
  • Ducked a bottle thrown in famously colourful neighbourhood of La Boca (home of Maradona).  It was thrown by the rival soccer team fans who drove past in three buses while loads of police looked on holding their shotguns.  The fans had also broken some of the windows in the buses.  Can't imagine what they are like at the stadium...
  • Ran into Mafalda on a bench in the middle of San Telmo markets.
  • Had our first encounter of the South American way of eating - big lunch, small snack at about 6pm, and dinner at about 10pm.  Lots of restaurants didn't open until 8pm, and we saw plenty of families out for dinner at 11pm on a school night.

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