Monday 27 September 2010

NSW Rogaine

Spring!  Time to join some other crazies and chase orange and white flags across the country.

The NSW spring 24 hr and 15-in-24 rogaine was set in the Abercrombie River National Park, about 2.5 hours north of Canberra.  The terrain was fairly forgiving with light scrub, and thankfully the warnings about cliffs turned out to be a cut and paste error from a previous rogaine.

Unfortunately that wasn't the only problem.  The rogaine organisers were the victim of a printing mistake that left off all the control numbers, so a significant amount of everyone's route planning time was spent in transcribing control numbers.

We planned two fairly ambitious routes, with a 9 hour sleep at the hash house in-between to satisfy the requirement of the 15-in-24.  We did well with our first loop, and no nav problems until we hit 101, which took us ages to find, and 71, which took almost as long.

The slog along the fire trail and back up to the plateau and the hash house seemed to go forever, and, of course, took far longer than we thought it would.  10 hours when we were planning on 8...

We had a good meal, sleep, and were rearing to go the next morning on our condensed second loop.  Unfortunately my knee didn't feel the same, and after a painful limp in the direction of 27 we gave up, turned back, and retired early.  Oh well, next time...

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