Saturday 7 November 2009

Mt. Clear Namadgi National Park

The next in the series of training walks for the overland track. We drove down to Mt. Clear campground in Namadgi national park, camped the night, then shouldered full packs for an assault on Mt. Clear. We didn't make the top - it is about 10 km one-way, if you stick to the fire trails, but achieved the goal of training with all our gear on our backs (although with less food).

We found a bizarre toilet, far from anything resembling a house, complete with cistern that had been concreted in?!?

Mt. Clear is a beautiful campground, with nice views down the valley, although it is fairly cold being a 'frost hollow'. It seems pretty popular, we shared it with one family on Friday night and a few were settling in on Saturday as we left. The dirt road approach is pretty good - our little 2wd coped without any problems. There is rainwater available at the campground.

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