Monday 2 November 2009

Central Coast Mariners v Adelaide United and Canberra United

We went and saw the Central Coast Mariners soccer team play Canberra United (womens) and Adelaide United (mens). They were good games, although we didn't actually see any goals scored (who says soccer is boring?) because we were a bit late to the first game and the second was 0-0.

Bizarrely, Canberra Stadium insists on reading out the 'Spectator Code of Conduct' about every half hour. This contains such pearls of wisdom as 'patrons must not be intoxicated'. Not only are we subjected to the stating-the-obvious of the code of conduct, there's the stating-the-ridiculously-obvious of the emergency evacuation plan, which is also read out over the loudspeaker. Let me summarise for you: 'Proceed to the nearest exit when directed'. I'm so sick of this pointless, bureaucratic arse covering. Way to go, fun police.

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