Tuesday 13 May 2008

Civil war and eating my weight in crab

Mum and dad stayed with us last week, which was fun. On the weekend we got our history on, starting with a visit to Harpers Ferry on the border of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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This was where John Brown did his thing, which helped set the country on the road to civil war, and Harpers Ferry continued to be a flashpoint during the civil war. After that we headed up to Antietam (said An-tee-tum), which was a civil war battlefield, and holds the depressing title as the site of the bloodiest single day battle in American history, with 23,000 casualties.

We went out to dinner with mum and dad a few times - my favourite was when we had the seafood buffet at Phillips in the inner harbour. I ate nothing but crab legs, which meant it took about three hours of hard work before I was full, but it was an awesome dinner :)

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Wayward Rambler said...

Good one, Greg. These are the kinds of places I'd like to visit if we ever manage to come!