Wednesday 2 January 2008

Gear I wish I'd had in Utah

I bought a whole lot of stuff at the end of our Utah trip that I wish I had at the beginning. I thought I'd write some of them down for anyone else doing similar things:

  • Thick socks with little pockets on the toes for your chemical footwarmers. Much easier than trying to balance the warmer on your toes as you jam your foot into your boot. You can even get inner-soles that have space for you to slide a footwarmer inside! $5
  • Seirus neoprene/fleece face-mask for skiing. These were selling like crazy on the 0°F (-17°C) day at Brighton. I had my neck warmer up over my mouth, but couldn't bring it over my nose because it fogged my goggles. This covers everything and has breathing holes in the right places. $25
  • YakTrax rubber contraptions that strap onto the bottom of your shoes to give you traction on snow and ice. They are made from stretchy rubber that will fit over pretty much any shoe. We saw some people walking with these on some of the popular trails at Canyonlands where the snow was really hard-packed and super slick. Jealous! The traction comes from coils of wire, so no spikes to worry about! Wish we had these in Europe a couple of years ago, would have saved many staks on the ice. $20
  • Cheap, collapsible ski bag to make carrying skis on/off public transport and to/from the car more manageable. $30
  • Roll of velcro to keep skis and stocks together while you are carrying them. You can buy special purpose velcro ski clips, but this is cheaper. $5

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