Friday 23 June 2017

The Harding Icefield Trail, Alaska

Given I'd already walked the first 2.8 miles of this trail on the ice climbing trip I wasn't sure if it was worth going all the way to the top. I asked around and was assured it was worth it, so I hiked the whole thing with my last active day in Alaska. It was absolutely worth it.

Theme song: The Wishing Well by Walter Martin.

Another warm day on the lower parts of the trail. Bug spray mandatory

Exit Glacier

Start of the snowy section. Probably the last 2-3km was under boot-deep snow. I was very glad to have brought my gaiters and boot chains.


Exit glacier flowing down the left, harding ice field feeding it from the right

Emergency shelter close to the top

Back at the foot of the glacier. They have put up signs showing the previous position of the glacier all the way back to the 1800s, which you start seeing on the road as you're driving in.

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