Sunday 19 February 2017

Hawaii Big Island

We escaped the Seattle rain to Hawaii, picking the sunniest spot on the sunniest island, which is Kona on the Big Island. We stayed in an AirBnB place near Anaeho'omalu Beach (A-bay). It was beautifully warm and sunny the whole time we were there.

We essentially spent every day going to the beach and then the pool.

I made a bunch of these to order and the kids had a great time destroying them.

We got going really early to get one of the very few public car spaces at Mauna Kea beach. It's got a nice beach with shade and good sand for sandcastles.

We went for a hike to break up the beach time a bit, but this was essentially just walking up a road. The kids couldn't go far enough to get to the interesting bit.

We also toured around some coffee plantations.

Ueshima, this place was great because they had macadamia trees as well. We collected nuts and cracked them right there. Kids loved it.

Doutour. This place is stunningly beautiful, essentially a botanic gardens that happens to also grow some coffee.

I've never seen flowers like this before.

This pavilion with an infinity pool and jawdropping view is really wasted as a daytime coffee tasting stop. It should be a bar.

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