Sunday 17 May 2015

Road climbs around Zurich

With some great tips from a friend I set out to do the biggest road climb I'd ever done.  I caught the train to Zug, rode around the edge of Zugersee, up Balisberg, around the edge of the Zugerberg summit, and down through Sihlwald to Langnau-Gattikon.  50km, 1km elevation.

Passing through Walchwil, views over Zurgersee

Good spot for lunch!

Very little visbility at the top, but at least it didn't rain...

Cows sitting in dandelion fields, like they do in Switzerland
And since I had another day available I beat my 24h-old climbing record by climbing Ibergeregg pass the next day.  Starting in Arth-Goldau and ending at Biberbrugg it was 50km, 1.6km elevation.

Cute church in Arth-Goldau


Starting the climb up

Pretty forest along the way. Also lots of other road bikes, sports cars and motorbikes for company.  Road was fairly quiet though, not scary. 

Golden dandelion fields

Awesome, this must be the restaurant at the top...wait...1000m....dammit 400m more altitude.  Noooooo!


Yes, that is a woman pulling her kid up the pass.  I am weak.  She was followed by a 12yr old girl on her own bike who was literally crying with pain as she reached the top, screaming at her brother in German.  They start them young here... 

Even more yellow fields down the other side

I was sitting in a bus stop trying to collect together my will to keep pedalling, and wishing I'd brought more food when this crazy cow parade appeared amongst deafening bells.  AFAICT it was Inalpe, the opposite of Désalpe

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