Saturday 18 May 2013

Maker Faire

Maker Faire! E and I jumped on the train (which she liked more than the whole fair) and spent the day with the nerds.

First: Arc attack, a faire regular.  I was glad I'd brought her ear protection for just this, she seemed to really like it.  They started with the imperial death march :)

In front of the giant mousetrap
Metal, fire.
Sweet giant bubble maker
Human sized replica of mousetrap.  It broke twice during the run, just like the real game :)  Liberal application of a sledge hammer didn't fix it either.
They live, we sleep.  Built out of polarized light filters.  None of the 16 year-olds around me were nearly as excited as I was by this.
Climbing wall that lights up with different routes
Whiskeydrome.  These guys are great, E was a big fan.
There are bikes inside those cupcakes :)

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