Friday 26 April 2013


Quick trip to Zurich for work, and I was very impressed. Beautiful city with a stunning mountain backdrop, fantastic public transport (Lonely plant says "possibly the densest public transport system in the world"), with tons of restaurants and bars (2000+ apparently, which is pretty amazing for a town of 390k). According to LP it is often voted Europe's most livable city.

I stayed at the B2, which was excellent. It even has a giant rooftop spa. I went up on a cold evening and lay back in bubbles while looking over the rooftops of Zurich, which was pretty nice. I did feel slightly out of place without my significant other though, I was probably the only single guy with about 30 couples up there.

B2 Boutique hotel: Amazing dining/breakfast room with floor to (very high) ceiling books

On my first afternoon I went for a run out towards Uetliberg in an attempt to stay awake and beat the jet lag. The staying awake worked, but was still jet-lagged :(

The first few days were rainy and cool, but then I got a beautiful 24°C Friday afternoon, and since I'd been working crazy long hours due to jet lag I left work a little early and walked around to the lawns in front of the Chinese Gardens.

It was a great vibe, people were BBQ'ing Bratwurst on mini grills, playing music, and even slacklining.  I picked up a beer and a Bratwurst from a street stall and kicked back for a few hours to read my book and watch the sunset.


The combination of super-expensive food, long hours and free food at work meant I ate most of my meals at work, but I did have a great team dinner at Didi's and a giant calzone (which with a small green salad and a beer was something like $US45, ouch) in downtown Zurich.

Chocolate art @ Didi's

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