Sunday 25 November 2012

Thanksgiving in San Rafael

I'm catching up on posts. We had a great thanksgiving: we rented, via airbnb, a fancy house in San Rafael, less than an hour's drive from home, with two other Aussie couples (for the record San Rafael is apparently pronounced something like San Rafel rather than San Rafayel, the house owners set us straight).

We cooked a giant turkey, ate ourselves silly, admired the view, had beers in the hot tub, and stayed up all night playing a crazy addictive card game.

View from the deck
When we started to go a little stir crazy in the house, we headed to Petaluma for a great brunch at Della Fattoria, including some impressively crafted coffees, and wandered around antique stores.

I also brought my mountain bike and hit the fantastic mountain bike trails of China Camp state park and the adjoining open space, which you could access right from the back of the house. Spectacular views across the bay to the Golden Gate from the top of the ridge.

It was a great way to get away, without the hassle of travel during Thanksgiving.

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