Sunday 5 August 2012

Mt. Rainier day 2: more glaciers, same baby, even more wildflowers, mountaineers, and a few women in heels and makeup

We didn't think it was possible but 'Paradise' at Mt. Rainier lived up to its name, with even better wildflowers, and even more amazing views than we got at Sunrise.

I'm with you Mr. Muir, this is an amazing place

The downside was the ridiculous number of people.  E wasn't too keen on a long stint in the carrier after the day before, and we got worried about her eyes with all the snow around, so we only made it up to Glacier Vista.  Certainly further than the women in heels got, but not as far as the continuous stream of people with mountaineering gear heading towards Camp Muir and beyond.  We got a great view over the Nisqually Glacier, and stomped around on some snow.

The trail up the mountain from the visitor's centre is one of the stranger ones I've ever walked.  It's all paved, but ridiculously steep (not the section shown below).  Why no switchbacks?

View of Mt. Adams

This kid summited 14,411 ft (4,392 m) Rainier with his dad.  A couple of adults die trying to do that each year.

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