Friday 14 October 2011

Sailing at Berkeley: boats are surprisingly responsive during turns...

Adam had a spare pass for an intro to sailing experience at the sailing school at Berkeley, so I got a guernsey and we went out on the water in our waterproof yellow gear.
It was good fun: we learnt about some sailing basics and I got a turn at steering the boat through a couple of tacks. I managed to put one side of the boat underwater by turning too far during one tack, which proved exciting for Adam since he almost got swamped. He also got better acquainted with the woman who was sitting opposite when she landed in his lap. Imagine this photo but with a more drastic slant...
It was good fun, although it was pretty much an ad for their sailing courses. I like the idea of sailing, and according to our instructor San Francisco Bay and Sydney Harbour are the two best places to sail in the world. Getting qualified through OCSC to take a boat out on your own costs on the order of $2k, but it sounds like you get a top notch education.

Afterwards we had lunch in Berkeley and took a stroll through the uni campus.

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